Features: Home operated business..
Description: The ultimate business for a savyy business operator. Minimal overheads, maximum reward for effort!! Providing a new and innovative alloy croquet mallet, custom built to each purchasers requirements. Engineering and construction by an established local firm, the assembly and final fit off is carried out by the present owner. Sales agents in the UK and USA provide an additional international outlet for the product which is growing in popularity both here and abroad. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY (other than normal business skills) the current owner will work with a new owner until they are fully functional. Suitable as a part time (and lucrative) interest, or continue to develop into a major operator, the choice is yours. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING BUSINESSES WE HAVE SEEN, POTENTIAL, PLUS ENJOYMENT AND AMPLE REWARD. CAN BE LOCATED ANYWHERE!! Call us now for full details and further information. Croquet is a national pastime and is played worldwide.
Address: Mid North Coast
Contact: Dave Sprague, Ph: 0408 652 985
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PO Box 965, Port Macquarie
Phone: 0408 652 985

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